There's nothing they can't fix!

Ideal Security and Technology always gives a quick response and they are capable of handling all of my IT requirements in one resource. They have a wide understanding of computers, internet, networking, the list goes on! I haven’t had a problem yet that they couldn’t figure out. You are not likely to find a more qualified group of professionals that are as responsive as Ideal!

Tom Ochsner AIA

Customized Solutions

Ideal Security and Technology is very responsive and thorough. They fix the problems and anticipate our needs for safety and equipment. Also, they remember everything about us so they can efficiently adapt to each need or sudden crisis. If you’re on the fence about choosing Ideal as your IT firm, call them!

Terry Foley CEO
Hartigan and Foley

No Partial Fixes

With Ideal Security and Technology you’ll never have to worry about anything IT infrastructure related. They’re better than any other IT firm around because you get a consistent, quick response until the problem is 100% solved. I give my 100% recommendation.

Roberto Policarpio Director
IT Pro Foot

Your Data is in Great Hands

IT WORKS FANTASTIC! No headaches, no worries. If something needs to be added, changed or update, it is done quickly, thoroughly and with precision. Ideal Security and Technology have great communication skills, tremendous commitment to customer service and a "Can Do" attitude. Be confident and assured that Ideal can handle your company's critical data, infrastructure and business needs to provide you with rock solid business capabilities and the technical expertise to do it all!

Bob Groom IPX Tech Solutions Inc.

Get Back to the Important Things, They'll Handle the Rest

The biggest benefit we’ve received from Ideal Security and Technology is the continued continuity of all the devices and software that have been installed and set up. They do not fail! I never have days where connecting to the server and running software, like Quickbooks, is an issue. It allows me to focus on running my business. The speed at which a new install can take place, from initial order to getting a workstation up and running with data copied over, sets them apart from the competition. Ideal Security has NEVER failed to deliver! They have recovered workstation/ servers from ransom malware, that our previous company failed to protect us from, to complete implementation of new workstations.

Travis Erickson VP
Precision Components

Every Location Taken Care of Promptly

Our single biggest benefit from Ideal Security and Technology is the quick response time and they way they can get things taken care of in a timely fashion. They are better than the previous services we have used because of their transparency. We know exactly what we are spending our money on and we’re given different suggestions for what works best for our five Offices, not just what costs the most. With Ideal Tech you get the service and quality of a big company with the personal touch of a small one!

Kyle Kato Head of IT
Cipolla, Calaba and Wollman Law Corporation
Santa Ana

Fixing Issues Big, Small and Inbetween

I highly recommend Ideal Security and Technology. They are competent, thorough and extremely responsive. From the simplest to the most complex technical issues, I’ve yet to find something they couldn’t handle!

Jean Skoblick Central Coast Piping Products

You’ll Never Need to Switch IT Companies

I have used Ideal Security and Technology’s IT services for over fifteen years. They are very knowledgeable and have never steered me in the wrong direction. I would highly recommended their services to anyone needing IT support.

Richard Gagne, DDS

Continually Fast Response Time for 15 Years and Counting

My experience which I believe is nearing 15 years with Ideal has been unconditionally positive. Computer problems are always urgent problems and Ideal is unfailing in providing prompt responses to any emergency. Our office is always amazed at the quick intuition Ideal has in quickly diagnosing the source of any problem and immediately resolving breakdowns. This has included making long distance emergency calls to Ideal when traveling and running into laptop/network problems. I would recommend Ideal as a number one choice for your IT team/consultant.

Fred Rosenmund Law Office OF Fred Rosenmund

5 Stars Aren’t Enough

Reliable, prompt and accurate is our experience with Ideal Security and Technology. I would give 6 stars if I could!

Kristina Kalaydjian Contact Escrow

They Make Sure We Run Smoothly During Our Most Critical Moments

Our computers are very important to us, especially during our 12 day Fair or any large event that we have here at the fairgrounds. Because our internet is so crucial when we have a large event we rely on Ideal Security and Technology’s expertise to help us quickly and efficiently. They are responsive, thorough and always here when we need them. These services are invaluable to us. There is a personal connection that you get when you work with Ideal. This has developed for us over the years but it was an instant connection. They have access to all of our documentation and I never have a day’s worry that there would be any type of a breach. That type of Security is hard to find. I would say get off the fence and pick Ideal Security and Technology. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any company large or small. Any recommendations I can provide for Ideal I am happy to do so.

Barbara Quiad CEO
Ventura County Fairgrounds